Sunday, April 19, 2009

Classification of computers

According to the technology used, computers can be classified as
1. Digital Computers
2. Analog Computers
3. Hybrid Computers

Digital Computers are the most common computers being used like calculators, digital watches etc. They store data and instructions in the form of binary digits i.e. 0 and 1. These digits are used to denote letters, numerals and symbols.

Analog Computers measure continuous variations in devices like speedometer, thermometer, voltmeter, ammeter etc. (Analog means continuous variation).

Hybrid Computers are the combination of both Digital and Analog Computers. They measure analog quantities and convert them into digital signals for analysis. They can be used in space research and satellites. Computer with multimedia, robot etc. are examples of Hybrid Computers.

Computers can also be classified according to size and storage capacity as

1. Micro Computers
2. Mini Computers
3. Main Frame Computers
4. Super Computers

Micro Computers are small computers used as personal computers, computer notebooks, palmtop, laptop etc. for entertainment, education etc, at home or at office where volume of data is less.

A Mini Computer is a multi user system. It can be used by many users simultaneously. Mini Computers have larger RAM (Random Access Memory) and storage capacity. They can process data more quickly. Reservation system, banking system, etc. are using Mini Computers.

Main Frame Computers are large and powerful. They are used for complex calculations. They can support many input and output devices. They can process large amount of data quickly. They have a high storage capacity.

Super Computers are the largest, fastest, and most expensive computers used in the fields of medicines, industries, space research etc.They have many processing units working simultaneously to perform billions of operations every second.